Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why does eveyone keep apologizing to me on the street.?

The last few weeks the strangest thing has been happening. I just go down the street minding my own buisness and people just stop look at me, then look at my leg and then look me in the eyes and apologize while shaking their heads. I hope their apologize are aimed at my broken leg and they are just not apologizing because I have a funny looking face or something.
News flash strangers you didn't do it I did so no need to apologize.
Really it is not that horrible of a thing. When you see me crutching around there is no need to say "man, that sucks," instead you should say something positive like "dude your triceps are going to be so defined."
Look at the positive.
For instance
  • Now I can beg for rides from the girl I have a crush on when I miss the bus. ( I really did that today)
  • I no longer feel guilty for using the spacious handicap stalls in the restroom.
  • I will set off metal detectors in the airport!
  • If I am late to a class I just pretend like I am out of breath and the teacher thinks the world of me while she cusses out the kid who came in right after me.
  • I can scratch myself with a wire hanger and no one will even question me. ( I am doing it right now)
  •  I finally have a reason to get over my fears of elevators.
  • Being lazy is not just allowed but expected.
  • I am almost a walking legend (OK, so I don't walk). I was at an interview the other day and I met this girl. After I explained the story of how I broke my leg she told me that her roommate had told her the same story that was told to her by a friend that had a friend who new the kid who broke his leg skouching. No joke. She ended the conversation by saying, "I am totally going to tell my roommate I met the skouching kid." My self-esteem went through the roof.

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  1. congrats dude you are now famous! missed you at the reunion.