Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Job

For those of you who wonder how I pay for college here it is.
It get paid 9 dollars an hour to make pictures like these. Now they look cool but they have a little more practical purpose. Every detail is measured out to the specks drawn in the architectural drawings. When I say everything I mean everything. The dry wall thickness the size of the windows the type of bricks.
I don't just do the outsides but the interiors as well.
It looks fun, but it is actually very monotonous. I don't sit in one spot for very long. Good thing I have other people in the office to throw things at and joke with when I get bored, every 10 minutes.
So if you wanted to know there you go. That is my random college job.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why I go to Utah State and not BYU

No, I am not going to dis on BYU it is a good school. Academically it's in my opinion one of the best. It's basketball team has done so well this year that it even cancels out how poorly the football team did.
All I am going to comment about is why I am glad I am here at Utah State and not at BYU.
This idea popped in my head today as I turned in a 8 page literature review to one of my professors.
Reason 1: I also added a handwritten note to the paper right before I turned it in. The note read:
"Dear Professor if it is not obvious by the content of this paper, I just want to inform you that I was on drugs when I wrote this. The next draft will be better I promise"
(If you didn't know this I recently had surgery and was prescribed drugs so everything was according to the word of wisdom.)
I fill completely comfortable writing a joke like that on a pretty important assignment here at Utah State.
I wonder how it would have been accepted at BYU.
Reason 2. BYU is not allowed to worship false idols like their own basketball players. At Utah State we don't just worship the players and the coach we reverence the most unruly and offensive fans and strive to be like them. (except we don't strive to look like them)
Meet Wild Bill the most popular kid on campus.
Reason 3: This excerpt from the Utah State's event calendar will explain it all.

"20,000 bouncy balls dropped from a helicopter!! What? No, you read it right, we will be dropping 20,000 bouncy balls from about 100 ft in the air onto the stadium parking lot just west of the Student Wellness Center. Why? First off because it is the coolest thing we could think of to do..."
I am glad to see my tuition dollars hard at work. At least it is my tuition dollars and not tithing dollars.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011

School is out but I am still learning.
Lesson of the week: It's bad karma to joke around about doing drugs.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have found out this week that we are not born with two legs so we have a spare if one goes out, but because you need two legs to walk.
It all started with a very simple arithmetic problem.
2skis+couch=fun     2s+c=f
It works but we didn't realize that if you change the equation a little you can change the answer a lot.
 My roommates and friends are amazing and took care of me. Thanks guys love you. They even made me go to the doctors. Do you know why doctors go through so much school? So they know where to squeeze and poke to cause the most pain.
The doctors would have me walk room to room on my foot until they saw this. I got a wheel chair after that. When the surgeon yesterday asked me what I did I told him I wanted 207 bones so I made two out of the one in my left leg.
After looking over this x-ray he told me that skin and muscle where the only thing connecting my foot to my leg, and he could turn it a full 180 degrees if he wanted. I would have liked to see that.... but not feel it.
I am now sitting on my couch. I had surgery earlier today. I now have two large screws in my leg and a couple of smaller ones holding in my new rod.
Cool. I am the iron man.