Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have found out this week that we are not born with two legs so we have a spare if one goes out, but because you need two legs to walk.
It all started with a very simple arithmetic problem.
2skis+couch=fun     2s+c=f
It works but we didn't realize that if you change the equation a little you can change the answer a lot.
 My roommates and friends are amazing and took care of me. Thanks guys love you. They even made me go to the doctors. Do you know why doctors go through so much school? So they know where to squeeze and poke to cause the most pain.
The doctors would have me walk room to room on my foot until they saw this. I got a wheel chair after that. When the surgeon yesterday asked me what I did I told him I wanted 207 bones so I made two out of the one in my left leg.
After looking over this x-ray he told me that skin and muscle where the only thing connecting my foot to my leg, and he could turn it a full 180 degrees if he wanted. I would have liked to see that.... but not feel it.
I am now sitting on my couch. I had surgery earlier today. I now have two large screws in my leg and a couple of smaller ones holding in my new rod.
Cool. I am the iron man.

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